Why should you exercise after a stroke?

First off, what is a stroke? A stroke is caused by a block in blood flow to a part of the brain. A small blood clot or a ruptured vessel, leading to bleeding on the brain are the main causes of a stroke. The lack of oxygen to the brain cells can cause permanent damage, such as physical disabilities or challenges.

Exercise is good for your health, right? Well, it is no different for a stroke survivor. Many stroke survivors face physical barriers in their day to day lives, as well as attempting to cope with related depression and anxiety.

Different exercise types may improve overall health in different ways. Aerobic exercise is aimed at increasing the heart rate during exercise which helps to reduce high blood pressure, improve heart strength, reduce the stress on the heart while at rest and facilitating the air flow in and out of the lungs.

Strength and balance exercises are aimed to restore strength, assist in improving posture and balance to allow for more independence in activities of daily living. Flexibility allows for improved range of motion and the release of stiff muscles caused by muscle inactivity, caused by the stroke.

All in all, you can regain function and strength, exercise is the choice modality.

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