Our Services

Orthopedic injury treatment

The correction of impaired musculoskeletal conditions of bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, cartilage and joints, pre and post-surgery rehabilitation.

Cardiac & chronic disease rehabilitation

Restore or optimise function of activities of daily living

Management of chronic diseases including:

- Diabetes
- High Blood Pressure
- Neuromuscular disorder 

Restore or optimise function of activities of daily living through management of diseases and control of the various symptoms.

Health promotion and wellness

Correction of posture and gait, analysis of cardiovascular disease risks, to implement preventative measures for the risk of chronic disease and orthopedic injury.

Vitality Fitness Assessment

Earn your Vitality Fitness points by completing the prescribed Vitality Fitness protocol.

Sport Specific Exercise

Assess your current ability for general movement as well as your ability for your chosen sport; with a program designed to increase and enhance sport performance.

Fitness & VO2 Max Testing

Specialised testing used to determine an individual’s cardiovascular fitness and physical performance capacity.

EMS Training

Electro Muscle Stimulation assists in muscle activation, through active or passive exercise to improve muscle strength.

Wellness Screening Including:

- Glucose
- Cholesterol
- Blood Pressure & Heart Risk Index
- HIV screening Tests

General health testing to establish any health risks and possible comorbidities.
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