Do you have a strong core?

No, we did not ask if you had a defined core, a six pack or those “v” lines that the ladies drool over. Do you have a strong core? The transverse abdominal muscle; which is below or underneath the six pack muscles, is one of the most important, yet underused muscles in the human body. Everyone has got transverse abdominals but why is it important and do you know how to activate these muscles?

The transverse abdominal muscle wraps around your stomach (core) area and attaches to your spine. Majority of individuals do not know how to activate these muscles. Well; it is easy, take two fingers, place them just above your hip bones and push your fingers into your stomach. Feel something soft? That is your core. Now, tighten your transverse abdominals by attempting to replicate the feeling of holding in the need for the toilet while trying to get your belly button to touch your spine. Can you feel that hard wall that just appeared where the soft muscle used to be? That is your muscle! Now; try to keep doing this often, making sure not to hold your breath when doing it and one day this will become so natural that you will not even think about it.

But why do you need a strong core? Do you suffer with back pain, poor posture and balance or hip and pelvic pain? Then your core is too weak to hold up your body weight and the rest of your body starts to take strain. Perhaps you are an athlete? A strong core is necessary for 99.9% of your movements; agility and for the prevention of injuries. A strong core will help reduce pains and aches, improve performance, as well as keep you up straight and looking forward rather than down.

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